Triangle Shade Sail


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HIPPO triangle shade sails come with a geometric precision and bring an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space that transforms your backyard or outdoor area into a stylish nature hideout.

The fine angles of our triangle shades creates a modern look and easily integrates with the various architectural styles.

Measuring for a triangle shade sail is crucial to ensure a perfect fit but HIPPO ensures you that our triangle shade sails are installed with the high tension and reduces fluttering in the wind.

HIPPO heavy duty triangle shade sail does not create unnecessary complications for installation, with just a few ankle points of our triangle shade sail you can transform your scorching space into a shaded space in a minute without any trouble.

Your outdoor space is waiting for the perfect fusion of aesthetic and long lasting features, HIPPO heavy duty triangle shade sail where style meets our excellent fabrics under the open sky and creates a cool space for you and our heavy duty triangle shade sail designed for simplicity and efficiency.