HIPPO Printed Semi Blackout Indoor Roller Blinds for Windows Sun & UV Protection Corded Roll Up & Down Blind for Home Office Cafes (Checks)

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  • LIGHT FILTERING : HIPPO Semi-Blackout Blinds blocks partial amount of light entering a room. Semi-blackout blinds block intense light and allow filtered light to pass which makes it perfect Light Filtering Blinds. This balance of light blocking is ideal for those who want to REDUCE GLARE and BRIGHTNESS without creating a completely environment. The fabric and materials used in semi-blackout blinds are carefully chosen to diffuse light, creating a soothing and more ambient lighting effect.
  • ENHANCED PRIVACY : Privacy is a significant concern for many homeowners, and HIPPO PRINTED Semi-Blackout Blinds address this need effectively. These blinds provide a high level of privacy both day and night, giving slight blur reflection outside if the lights are on. The polyester material prevents clear visibility from the outside, ensuring that your indoor activities remain private.
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