Waterproof Roller Blinds All You Need To Know

Waterproof Roller Blinds All You Need To Know

Apr 26, 2023RAD Global Private Limited

Roller blinds always bring class and sophistication to any area they are installed in, and that is the reason why they are the preferred choice of blinds for most offices and residential dwellings. Roller blinds help in preventing interiors from heating up by controlling the amount of sunlight that is let in and at the same time improving the aesthetics of your home. Roller blinds feature a cord or a string system to roll the blind up or down as per one’s requirement, the fabric on the roller blind can be customised accordingly.


What are waterproof roller blinds?


Waterproof roller blinds are also known as outdoor balcony curtains. And as the name suggests are waterproof and best suited for areas which are prone to getting wet like bathrooms, balconies, verandas or patios. With the exception of bathrooms, these places are used for recreational activities in summer and winter but monsoon prevents their use as they are bound to get wet. However, the inclusion of waterproof shading like blinds for balcony helps these areas to be used in the rainy season as well.

At what locations can waterproof blinds be installed?


Like mentioned, waterproof blinds can be installed at interior locations which are prone to getting wet. These places include:

Windows: Slant rains can enter the house along with winds, while curtains are most likely to be blown away by the wind, waterproof roller blinds completely stop the water and due to their construction do not catch the wind.


Balconies: Balconies are living spaces and prone to getting wet in the rains, Waterproof roller blinds for the balcony prevent this by completely blocking the rain and making your balcony a place to enjoy.


Bathroom: Bathrooms need no introduction as these places are meant to get wet, a presence of waterproof roller blind will prevent the water from getting outside the bathroom.


Kitchen: Application of waterproof roller blind on kitchen windows helps prevent oil stains generated from cooking to lodge on the windows. Waterproof roller blinds are easy to clean compared to other fabrics.


How to choose waterproof roller blinds?


Most waterproof roller blinds are made of polyethylene or PVC sheets that prevent water permeability. Selection of waterproof blinds depends on the area of installation. For large areas like balconies or verandas you would need one or many roller blinds that would cover a large area. For dual purpose i.e., shading and waterproofing, it is advisable to go for a darker shade. A dark colored waterproof roller blind will keep you in good shade during those hot summer months and let you enjoy your balcony.


Other points to keep in mind while choosing a waterproof roller blind include:

Resistance to Mould: Mould is a kind of a fungus that grows in damp and moist places and makes your new place look like it is centuries old. This is due to the mould giving a blackish appearance to the place or thing it has affected. So, when you buy a waterproof blind make sure it is mould resistant.


Long Lasting Color:


Since the waterproof roller blind in majority of cases is going to be outside, it should be able to hold its color when exposed to sunlight over long periods of time. Make sure to buy a quality product like Hippo Roller Blinds whose color lasts long. 




Generally, waterproof blinds are very durable and would last for a long time if taken care of properly. However, it pays to buy a good product, a quality waterproof blind will have proper hem stitching that is able to endure roll in and roll out any number of times. Plus they also can be cleaned very easily making them look new for longer.


Being Waterproof:


Waterproof blinds are impermeable, meaning they don’t let water seep in ever. Make sure you check the material used and buy accordingly. If buying for your kitchen make sure it is a material that doesn't let oil stains gather up on it. 




Waterproof blinds are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles to choose from, and can be a wonderful addition to your house or office.




Waterproof blinds not only protect from water splashes or oil stains, they also help in protecting your privacy from inquisitive and curious eyes. Although, you would find transparent ones too, it is better to go with a one that blocks view.




What are waterproof roller blinds?


Waterproof roller blinds are blinds that are resistant to water and cannot be damaged by excessive exposure to water and moisture. 


Why are waterproof roller blinds needed?


Waterproof roller blinds help in preventing water from getting inside the house during heavy rains and also let you enjoy your balcony, patio or verandah during the rainy season. In the house they can protect your kitchen windows from getting stains.


Are waterproof roller blinds durable?


Waterproofing roller blinds like those of Hippo are highly durable, come in a range of sizes and shades to suit your requirements. Hippo waterproof crank blinds are an amazing option for a busy family home. Crafted from durable PVC, this window treatment is wonderfully practical, making it a solid choice for most living spaces. Perfect for office and home space, roller shades look clean and classy. Covering the window edge to edge, they prevent water and sunlight from filtering inside from those window corners, too. It turns out to be a cost and energy-efficient means of covering the windows. You can fold them in style and auto-lock them in one place. Check them out at shophippo.in.   


How to maintain waterproof roller blinds?


Waterproof roller blinds are easy to maintain and just a simple wipe with a damp cloth each day and the occasional oiling of the moving parts will help your blinds last really long.


Where should waterproof blinds be installed?


Waterproof roller blinds can be installed in balconies, patios, veranda or any place that you feel is prone to getting wet.

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