Outdoor Curtains For A Stylish Makeover

Outdoor Curtains For A Stylish Makeover

Apr 26, 2023RAD Global Private Limited

Outdoor curtains give your outdoor space like patio, balcony or porch more character and improve the aesthetics of the place. Outdoor curtains are durable and protect you from sunlight, rain and dust when you are hanging out. The fabric of outdoor curtains is made out of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or high quality polyethylene, or plastic. These fabrics do not permit air or water permeability and keep your space dry and dust free.


Choosing an outdoor curtain:

With a whole lot of range in the market nowadays, choosing an outdoor curtain is easy, however you should keep these things in mind before buying one.


UV Protection: Yes, outdoor curtains should be able to provide proper UV protection. Hippo’s outdoor curtains come with up to 90% UV protecting factor, meaning they not only give you shade from sunlight, but also block out harmful UV rays.

Durable: Outdoor curtains should be very durable as they would be exposed to elements at all times. Hippo’s outdoor curtains are made out of plastic and are best suited for outdoors.


Water Resistant: Outdoor curtains should not permit water permeability, they should be made out of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or high quality polyethylene, or plastic, these do not permit water permeability hence keeping your out space dry.

Wind Resistant: Wind resistance is crucial for outdoor curtains, and while a free standing curtain will fly in the wind, fitments like hooks should be present on the curtain to attach it to a firm place to prevent it from catching the wind. Hippo’s Outdoor Curtains come with an elastic locking system, hooks, and screws to prevent curtains from flying in wind.

Hippo’s Outdoor Curtains:

HIPPO Outdoor Curtains are handcrafted and offer ideal for protection from extreme weather conditions, and offer a wide array of applications such as -


  • UV Protection for blocking harmful sun rays.

  • Durability for long-lasting outdoor applications.

  • Dust-proof for protection against the storm.

  • Extra Shading & Denser Fabric. Protects from Sun & Blocks up to 90% UV rays.

  • Breathable Fabric allows air to circulate & keeps surroundings cool.

  • Ideal for Balconies, Verandas, Public Areas, Patios, Schools and Hospitals.

  • Decorative Wooden Buttons Stitched with the curtains.

  • Elastic Locking System, Hooks, and Screws included in the Package to prevent curtains from flying in wind.



What makes HIPPO Curtains a perfect pick for Outdoor applications?

Hippo outdoor curtains curtains are ideal for protection against sun, wind, rain, and hail. These curtains do not wither and do not catch mildew or mould and can be cleaned with a wet cloth

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