Why use baby safety nets?

Why use baby safety nets?

Apr 26, 2023RAD Global Private Limited

Babies are awesome bundles of joy that set our mood straight at any given time. Many of us proudly remember the moments when our little ones started to crawl and subsequently walk; and that is when our brain goes into safety mode. You see, babies are very curious by nature and that is congenital, you can’t do anything about it, they will crawl and toddle their way to places where you don’t want them to be. And these places could be the railing edge of staircases, the balcony or any nook or corner where they could get hurt.


The best way to prevent this is to keep your munchkin under constant observation, while this is highly effective it can be very difficult and cumbersome to do on a daily basis for many years. Enter baby safety nets, these nets cover the area that you deem dangerous and help in mitigating fall accidents that might be harmful for your baby.


The best part of baby safety nets is that it provides you with privacy as, so if you are thinking of avoiding wandering eyes getting a full view of you and your house, the baby safety nets help in guarding your privacy as well.

Places Where Baby Safety Net Can Be Installed

Baby safety nets can be installed in places where babies have a risk of falling and hurting themselves. These include stair railings, balcony, pool side and no entry places. Let’s have a look at them in detail.


Stair Railings: If your house has multiple floors then stairs are necessary to access them, and these stairs are dangerous for toddlers who can tumble or slip through the railing space and hurt themselves. Installing a safety net highly reduces the possibility of the child slipping through the space and thus adding a safety perimeter for your little one.


Balcony: The balcony is a place where you enjoy your evening tea or a nice read when the weather is cool and relaxing. Chances are if you are at your balcony your kiddo will follow you there too, balconies with wide railings are risky for houses with kids. With most of the urban population shifting to apartment living, a balcony is a necessary part of living. A safety net on the balcony railing mitigates the possibility of children falling through.


Pool Side: Children are attracted to water and will go towards it inadvertently. So until your kids don’t learn to swim, it would be a good idea to get a safety net installed to prevent children from slipping into the water.


No Entry: Even in houses, there are places where children are prohibited, could be your workplace, studio or any other hazardous area where children are not allowed. A safety net will prohibit their entry in those places.

Hippo Baby Safety Nets

Hippo Baby Safety Nets have the following properties.


Safety Guard: Designed to protect children from balcony and railing accidents.


Durable Material: Made with Heavy-Duty HDPE Fabric and stitched with UV stabilized threads to give you safety as well as UV protection.


Privacy Protection: Reduces visibility from outside and safeguards the balcony. Helps protect the balcony or garden from unwanted attention, accidents, or from animals wanting to trespass.


Easy-To-Install: Prefabricated eyelets and tie cords are provided for easy installation.


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